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The name says it all – embracing the casual backyard gathering to the sophisticated ballroom gala, whether it is a hometown celebration or destination Maine wedding. Event planning can be time consuming and overwhelming; understanding this, DAISIES & PEARLS takes an enthusiastic approach to listen to the client’s vision and make it reality. DAISIES & PEARLS offers a broad spectrum of services from providing creative ideas to full event design and management. Working hand and hand with the client; DAISIES & PEARLS takes great pleasure in assisting with every aspect of the process, right down to the fold of the napkins. From start to finish and everything in between.

creative, detail infused weddings, occasions and events ~ Maine based but making merry throughout New England and beyond

Planning, styling, designing, coordinating, managing and the list goes on. During the planning process and on the big day DAISIES & PEARLS wears many different hats; all stylish regardless the task. These roles include but are not limited to advisor, assistant, consultant, coordinator, curator, designer, planner, manager, problem solver, stylist, and most importantly steadfast support in a friendly, amenable and professional manner. DAISIES & PEARLS respects the ambitions of the client and allows as much involvement the client wishes to lend during the journey.

DAISIES & PEARLS believes cookie cutters are best left in the kitchen. With a core philosophy every occasion should be a true reflection of the client, DAISIES & PEARLS draws inspiration from the client. A fête is regarded as a celebration of the client’s story, told through the event details and elements. Deeply rooted in interior design, DAISIES & PEARLS takes both a conceptual and technical approach to events; starting with the overall design concept, then breaking it down to every little detail, while simultaneously working through logistics. This method allows DAISIES & PEARLS to deliver not only an aesthetically alluring and enjoyable occasion for guests, but peace of mind for the client during the celebration and the ability to relish the entire planning process.

Maine offers a stunning backdrop for fêtes whether it is ocean, lakes or mountains. Clients planning from afar understand the need for a native point person. DAISIES & PEARLS acts as the person on the ground, bringing a wealth of local knowledge.

DAISIES & PEARLS is a firm believer in collaboration and the motto “you can’t spell team with I”. An event’s success weighs greatly on the team of professionals. With this said, DAISIES & PEARLS is always willing to recommend talented, reputable professionals or form new relationships with professionals recruited by the client.

Above all DAISIES & PEARLS treasures the relationship built with the client. It is truly an honor to be a part of such an extraordinary journey. The most valuable means of nurturing this fellowship is providing personalized attention. In order to achieve this, DAISIES & PEARLS accepts a limited number of clients each year, never booking more than one event per day. This enables DAISIES & PEARLS to give each celebration a keen eye for detail and precision.

Every DAISIES & PEARLS event is unique, distinct and one of a kind, like every DAISIES & PEARLS client. Please contact DAISIES & PEARLS to schedule your complimentary in person or telephone introduction, during which we will discuss your vision as well as provide an opportunity for you to get to know DAISIES & PEARLS. We can then work together to create a specialized plan that fits you.