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2013 Wedding Trends Featured on I Love Farm Weddings!

A few weeks ago Emily with I Love Farm Weddings invited me to contribute to a series she was featuring on her delightful blog, predicting the trends for 2013 weddings. I was both thrilled and honored. The complete post can be found here but I thought I would share the highlights along with the inspiration board I created.

To a wedding coordinator/event designer, whose core belief is an event should be truly one of a kind, the word “trendy” can have a nails on a chalkboard effect. This principle is largely the reason I fancy the planning and designing of farm and backyard weddings. There is something about these outdoor/natural venues which will forever be timeless in my mind. Perhaps it is the blank canvas which allows a couple to paint their story. Or perhaps the stunning backdrops these places provide. Either way, the charm and splendor of an outdoor wedding will never fall out of vogue.

Within every realm of design, there is a general inclination to move towards elements of a particular style at a given time; otherwise called a trend. Before revealing the trends I foresee in the wedding industry for 2013, I would like to express a few words of caution. When planning for such an intimate affair, it is important to consider what trends best fit one’s own style. How many times have you heard someone defend their wedding photographs by saying, “Well, that was in style back then!”? Design would not be if it was not for inspiration. Trends provide an excellent source of inspiration, which progress into new trends. Let trends be just that; inspiration.

I predict 2013 to be a Renaissance of pageantry for the wedding industry. With buzz words like, “ritzy ranch” and “hipster chic” flying around wedding publications, there is bound to be something for everyone. A drive to call upon the glamour of the 1920’s, makes 2013 destine to gleam. The once juxtapose term “rustic elegance” is being replaced with “homestead chic”, due to this quest for more formality, especially for farm and backyard weddings. Here are a few more predictions as to what lays ahead for weddings in 2013:

  • rich colors tone down to soft muted palettes with pops of color
  • Chevron irons out its zig zags for stripes, polka dots and more formal prints
  • white wedding gowns with pockets taper up and add a hint of color
  • burlap tighten up to finer weaves
  • Mason jars head back to the shelf to make room for a grouping of eclectic gilded vessels
  • paper lanterns are outshined by chandeliers and candle light
  • cupcakes give way to simple pretty cakes and luscious French macarons
  • craspedia loosen up to scabiosa pods
  • signature cocktails with paper straws return to the classics “shaken, not stirred”
  • Polaroids are updated with Instagram and Facetime

There are also a few current trends I am hopeful will stick around for an extended stay:

  • green, repurposed items
  • natural accents
  • succulents
  • mix and match bridal party attire
  • black ties reserved for New Year’s Eve
  • dogs on the guest list; on a personal note, nothing makes me happier than the thought of sharing a wedding day with all friends, including  those with four legs
  • signage not for fashion but function, especially at an outdoor venue
  • food with personality

Photo Credits (beginning at top left): candlelight chandelier; place setting; cake; groom; invitation; macarons; tablescape; bride; bouquet; signage; boutonnières; flower girl; shoes; bridesmaids’ dresses; wedding Facetime; wedding Instagram

Whether my predictions become reality, 2013 weddings promise to be delightful, stunning and exuberant.

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